Ababalaya Silky Satin Lined Turban: Stylish and Comfortable Halo Turban for Women and Men - Perfect for Waves, Braids, Locs, and Beauty Sleep!

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Unisex Fashion in Multi Colors: This turban offers versatility with two distinct ways to wear – one tailored for men and the other for women. Ideal for women with short hair or those who prefer a break from wigs or extensive styling. The material is not only pleasant but also securely stays in place.

Convenient Pre-tied Silky Lined Design: The pre-tied durags for men feature a flexible bandana that accommodates various preferences. Perfect for individuals with big scalps, curly hair, or dreadlocks. The full wrap, elasticated circumference, and twistable tail ensure a comfortable and customizable fit.

Multi-occasion Alternative to Typical Du Rags: Serving as protective headgear, these silky lined durags wrap around the head, preventing frizz, reducing friction, and maintaining the freshness of waves or locs throughout the day. The turban can be dressed up or down based on personal style, providing a grown, sleek, and polished appearance.

Day & Night Fitted Wrap for Hair Protection: The silk hair wrap features a satin lining and a perfect fit. Its sweat-proof finish makes it an excellent choice for nighttime wear, ensuring a snug fit without causing breakage or disturbing hair and dreadlocks. It also preserves the natural oils of the hair, making it an ideal match for LOC and dreadlock accessories.

Size Recommendation: Designed to fit most heads, the turban is one-size-fits-most. With slight stretchability, it accommodates head sizes ranging from 58cm to 61cm.

Product Description

Pre-tied Silky Lined Turban CONVENIENT

If selecting hats has been a challenge due to factors like larger scalps, curly hair, or dreadlocks, wearing this halo turban ensures you won't face such difficulties again.

You'll be amazed how comfy it feels all day long

An excellent choice for birthdays, holidays, Christmas, anniversaries, or any occasion when you want to send a thoughtful gift.

Soft like silk and smooth like milk


Why do we even bother with compressed packaging when it takes so much time and effort?

Ans: Well, it actually reduces transportation cost by 35%, meaning the saved expenses are passed on to you. Before wearing, simply wash it with water and dry it naturally, then it can be restored to its original state.

As for the abundance of negative reviews, is it a result of poor quality from us?

Ans: No. We didn't provide a detailed guide on how to wear it and mistakenly used a pre-tied option, leading customers to believe it was a simple "put on and go" item. We have uploaded tutorial videos showcasing three easy-to-replicate ways to wear it.

Why is it so cheap?

Ans : As a self-producing and selling manufacturer, we eliminate middlemen and markups, ensuring cost-effectiveness. Our commitment includes hassle-free returns, and we encourage you to compare our product with others in the market.

Will there be new colors and designs coming out?

Ans: Indeed! Our commitment involves regularly introducing new colors, patterns, and inventive designs. We value and encourage all feedback to enhance our products and cater to the needs of our cherished customers.

Will it fade?

Ans: The color may experience slight fading, often referred to as "floating color," after the initial wash. To prevent this, it is advisable not to wash it with white or light-colored clothing. Following the first wash, any potential fading should no longer occur.

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